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Join us for the Grapes for Good Tasting Trail

Grapes for Good

Sip and support with us at The Winehouse

Six cellar doors in Langhorne Creek have partnered with Monarto Zoo each sponsoring an animal with a wine we produce, and a portion of the bottle sales goes toward the animals Monarto habitat. Ours is our Dolcetto Rose and our animal is the African Painted Dog.

At The Winehouse, we are honored to be part of the remarkable 'Grapes for Good' initiative, alongside our fellow winemakers Bleasdale, Kimbolton Wines, Lake Breeze, and Vineyard Road. Together, we have crafted a collection of exceptional wines that not only delight your palate but also make a tangible impact on wildlife conservation efforts supported by Zoos SA.

'Grapes for Good' is a powerful testament to the positive influence wine can have. With every sip, you contribute to a greater cause, making a real difference in the world.

When you drink our beautiful Dolcetto Rose, you directly support the magnificent African Painted Dog. 

Together, let's raise a glass to the wonders of nature and cherish the opportunity to protect and preserve our precious wildlife. With The Winehouse and Zoos SA, every sip becomes a heartfelt commitment to the future of our planet.

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